Electric car leasing can be the ideal choice

From an economic point of view, the solution of covering all expenses with a monthly rent of an electric car does not differ in much from the leasing of a conventional model. All use costs (except of course for charging) are included in equal monthly rents.

In this way, drivers avoid unpleasant surprises, since the rent includes maintenance, repair costs in any possible damage, insurance, tire change and of course all taxes. At the end of the contract the customer usually has three options. Buy the car, change it by renting a new one or just return it.

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In addition, as the needs of buyers change, they can choose after 3 or 4 years (in most cases long-term rental contracts last 36 or 48 months) to choose a larger car or a fully electric one with a longer range.

With the cost of renting including everything in terms of maintenance, the owner of the vehicle is also relieved of perhaps the greatest stress of the cost of changing the batteries.

The truth is that electric cars have much lower maintenance costs than conventional ones, as there are much fewer moving parts, but it is also true that batteries gradually lose their ability to store energy, and therefore “fall” in performance after a few years. And the cost of repairing or replacing them really hurts.


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