Elon Musk coming at Giga Berlin, start of production?

Elon Musk is expected to visit the Tesla Giga Berlin and this may mark the start of production of electric cars in Europe. With the upcoming visit of Elon Musk where it is scheduled for mid-February it may well mean the end of production delays.

Tesla Gigafactory is located in the Brandenburg region, outside Berlin, and has so far faced several postponements at the start of production. Everything indicates that the problems have been solved, and now Tesla is one step away from starting production.

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Tesla is awaiting the granting of the relevant licenses for the start of production by the German authorities, while it has been allowed to manufacture 250 Tesla Model Y, purely for trial purposes only. The production potential of this particular plant is very large. Starting production there will be the cornerstone of Tesla’s European expansion.

It remains to be seen whether all the information that wants Musk’s visit to be linked to the start of production at this particular plant will be confirmed.


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