Europe: Electric cars overtake diesel models in sales

Electric cars in Europe saw the big turnaround in December and sales of electric vehicles in Europe surpassed those of diesel cars as interest in subsidized vehicles without emissions increases.

In recent years, electric mobility has experienced tremendous growth in the European market and in fact, in the last two years, sales of electric cars, electric scooters and commercial vehicles with batteries have been increasing exponentially.

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Europe electric cars

More than 21% of new cars sold in 18 European markets (176,000 vehicles) run exclusively on batteries, according to data from a special survey for the Financial Times. Diesel cars, including hybrid diesels, accounted for less than 19% of sales (160,000 vehicles).

The high demand for electric vehicles has been helped by generous state subsidies given to Germany and other countries, as well as by the strict regulations introduced in 2020 in the EU, which force manufacturers to sell more low-emission vehicles.

The trend accelerated in the last quarter of last year. Tesla proved to be better prepared to address shortages in semiconductor supply, delivering 309,000 vehicles, a record number for the company.


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