Ferrari: New organization chart with the eye to electromobility

Ferrari shows somewhere in the deep to thinks about electromobility but for the moment the new organization chart does not testify much about what the legendary brand will do to electric vehicles. But with a closer study of the “so-called” for the new CEO of Ferrari, rather big changes are coming!

Characteristic are the statements of the CEO of the company, Benedetto Vigna, who stressed that at Ferrari we aim to utilize technology in our own unique way and seize the opportunities that are formed in the near future in a rapidly evolving environment.

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Based on the new organizational chart, Gianmaria Fulgenzi takes over as Chief Product Development Officer, while Ernesto Lasalandra takes over the research and development sector, with Philippe Krief as his deputy.

With the experience gained from Microsoft, Silvia Gabrielli, who joined Ferrari in 2019, takes charge of the company’s ambitious plan for digital transformation, with Davide Abate now solely responsible for technologies and infrastructure.

Finally, Angelo Pesci takes over the responsibility for the quality of the products, with the position of Chief Manufacturing Officer going to Andrea Antichi.

All the above changes come to remind us of what John Elkann said when he announced that from September 2021 Benedetto Vigna will be the new CEO of Ferrari.
“His deep knowledge of the technologies that drive much of the changes in our industry, his proven ability to innovate, his entrepreneurial approach and his leadership will further strengthen Ferrari by writing new chapters in the unique history of our passion and achievements in the exciting times ahead of us,” said John Elkann.


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