Formula 1 vs WRC vs Formula E, Drag Race, video

Formula 1, WRC and Formula E are the most exciting in terms of motorsport in the world. Top Gear did something impressive after being able to collect a vehicle from each of these series for a Drag Race to see which one was the fastest.

Specifically, the WRC engine is Ford Fiesta. The Formula E car is from the DS team. Also, the F1 race car comes from Mercedes-AMG, so this is not a vehicle that would run at the back of the package in a Grand Prix.

Also in this drag race the runway is wet and the all-wheel drive system of the Fiesta WRC has a clear advantage in these conditions. Ford takes a big off-line lead, but that doesn’t last.

Then the Mercedes-AMG F1 car takes the lead and never abandons it. In the wet corridor, tires raise high queues of water.

The all-electric single-seater DS Formula E finishes last. The EV is never a real challenger in the pull race. It seems that the vehicle wins in the Fiesta WRC, but it would take much more bit to make the pass.

This also makes sense because rally cars tend to have a lower speed, because high top speed is not a priority when negotiating a tight, off-road tent.

Video from YouTube channel Top Gear

Formula 1 WRC

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