GM’s new Cadillac will be self-driven and luxurious

General Motors has unveiled its vision for autonomous cars at CES with a new concept vehicle from Cadillac. The result is an electric luxury sedan that focuses on comfort while transferring the responsibility for driving to the built-in computer.

The car is called innerspace and looks like it belongs to a science fiction movie. Even GM’s idea of the vehicle appears as a bit dystopian. “The concept was developed for our demanding world, where intimacy and relaxation have become valuable and rare commodities,” said Michael Simcoe, GM’s Vice President for Global Design.

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GM proposes to fill the gap by offering a luxury two-seater car where passengers can sit back and relax.

new Cadillac

The InnerSpace vehicle is designed to be completely autonomous to the point that it can recognize you even when you approach the car doors. Passengers can then interact with the car’s cabin via touch controls and voice commands.

Because the car is entirely autonomous, GM removed the steering wheel, even the traditional front window. Instead, the company placed a large LED screen around the perimeter, which can alternate between three modes: augmented reality, entertainment and wellness recovery.

For even greater convenience, the roof of the car will be lifted as the doors open, making it easier for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle.

In addition, the battery units have been spread throughout the vehicle, allowing GM to make the car more spacious with a low-profile floor and a seating position as if in a sports car.

InnerSpace is part of Cadillac’s Halo portfolio, which focuses on prototype luxury vehicles that can be driven on their own.

At last year’s CES, GM unveiled two other vehicles in its portfolio: an electric flying car and a more spacious taxi for the streets.


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