Google reveals which car brand has the most searched in 2021

The internet is currently the largest source of information, and search engines like Google can highlight the most popular topics for 2021.

So the google leader can “tell” us which celebrities, which sports event, which TV show/serials, which social/political topic, which song and which question they had the most searches last year.

Also from Google we can find out which automaker had the most searches in 2021. According to research by the Australian company “Compare the Market”, Toyota had the most searches on Google in 2021.

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More specifically, the Japanese giant had the most searches in 47 of the 154 countries, accounting for 31% of the sample. In fact, Toyota maintained this 2020 lead, which it had also won in 2018, while in 2019 BMW had been at the top.

It’s worth mentioning that from 2018 to 2021 Toyota, BMW and Mercedes have not been absent from the top three of Google’s most popular searches for automakers.

In second place we find BMW with the highest search in 29 areas, while Mercedes is in third place with 23. The top5 is completed by Audi in fourth place and Kia in fifth place.

It’s also worth mentioning that for the first time Tesla was included in the metric, which sees its name in seventh place. The American company of purely electric models was first in searches in Hong Kong, Israel, Macau, Singapore and China. What is striking, however, is the absence of Volkswagen from the list.

It’s not, however, Toyota’s only first for 2021. Apart from the first place it achieved in the sales of new cars in 2021 in Greece, it managed the same in the U.S.A., leaving General Motors in second place, after 90 years of dominance.


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