Honda believes Toyota’s idea is not feasible

Toyota is experimenting with interesting alternative forms as opposed to the pure electric vehicles that most carmakers already choose. The most typical is the use of hydrogen as a fuel in internal combustion engines – a solution that minimizes emissions without sacrificing the sound and feel of a “traditional” petrol engine.

The Japanese company has already tested the technology in the 24-hour race at Fuji Speedway and late last year unveiled an GR Yaris prototype that was equipped with this technology. Honda, on the other hand, believes that this solution is not feasible.

We researched and explored every possibility out there. As for hydrogen engines, we have seen some quite difficult technological challenges. So about 10 years ago, we decided they wouldn’t become mainstream.

Honda first full electric

Said the company’s CEO, Toshiro Mibe. This of course does not mean that Honda does not believe in hydrogen – the Clarity Fuel Cell is the proof. He simply does not believe that an internal combustion engine that consumes hydrogen as fuel is a viable, commercial solution to the problem faced by all companies.

Hydrogen remains an alternative in the form we are used to: in cells, for the production of electricity and the movement of purely electric cars.

Nor does Toyota recommend the engine of the GR Yaris H2 as a panacea though. It is a “special missions” solution while at the same time there are alternatives for every taste: from the various hybrids, to the hydrogen-powered Mirai that uses hydrogen in the “conventional” way to the new purely electric bZ4X, while by the end of the decade dozens of new or renewed models with various forms of electrification will be added to the range.


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