How a 19-year-old man hacked 25 Tesla cars

A 19-year-old man caused a big uproar when he managed to hacked of 25 Tesla cars and of course this news didn’t take long to go viral. Are Tesla’s cars so vulnerable to hacking or is something else going on?

The fault of the owners (and some third party) and not the systems of Tesla itself is the vulnerability detected in the software of some cars by a 19-year-old hacker, who claims that he managed to control more than 25 of the company’s cars from afar.

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It’s primarily the fault of the owners (& a third party),” 19-year-old David Colombo replied to Bloomberg news questions. “I will describe it in more detail in my analysis. But I’m glad to see Tesla actively engaged in the issue,” he added.

The young hacker claims to have managed to control these cars remotely, as he discovered a bug in the software of the systems of the electric vehicle giant.

Colombo, who describes himself as an IT expert, announced in a tweet Tuesday that an error in car software allows him to unlock doors and windows, turn on keyless cars and turn off their security systems.

He also claimed that he can see if the driver is inside the car, start the sound systems of the vehicles and flash the headlights.

It is noted that his “thread” on Twitter had a special impact, with more than 800 retweets and more than 6,000 “likes”.

It’s not Tesla’s fault
The youngster did not immediately give accurate details of the vulnerability he detected in the software, but said the problem was not in the company’s software or infrastructure, adding that the Tesla owners affected worldwide are few.


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