How long does a Tesla’s battery with full heating last?

It will have crossed the minds of most, how much to withstand the battery of an electric car with full heating, if it is found stuck in the movement in the freezing cold.

Such a thought crossed the minds of the makers of the YouTube channel Dirty Tesla, after a similar traffic jam on Virginia’s main highway during a blizzard.

Critics of electric cars say cars with internal combustion engines even if left with fuel are easy to refuel. While an electric car does not! Supporters of EV cars, for their part, say that an electric vehicle does not consume energy by being immobilized except for heating the cabin.

But how much energy does it need and how much can its battery with the air conditioning constantly working? That’s the answer the kids wanted to give dirty Tesla by conducting an experiment.

They used two Tesla, a Model Y and a Model X and let them work in the freezing cold, with the battery level at 90%. The weather conditions for the experiment were adverse with the outside temperature dropping to up to -11 degrees Celsius.

Watch in the video below this very interesting Test.

Video from YouTube channel Dirty Tesla

battery with full heating

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