How much cost to replace batteries in European EVs?

The cost to replace batteries varies by geographical area but as far as European EVs are concerned it is quite high. The reason? The price of labor and industrial processes in the Old Continent.

And this amount is for a complete replacement of the battery and not for restoration by replacing some cells. Therefore, the total price is also linked to the capacity of the battery, which in case can exceed even 100 kWh. Thus, the cost of replacing a battery can reach the value of even a thermal car.

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The French L’Argus, according to the results of a recent survey, showed that the cheapest battery for electric cars is the Renault Twingo with a price of €164 /kWh.

The 22 kWh battery costs a little less than 3,700 euros. For the Zoé and the large battery of 52 kWh you need to disburse €8,500 even though the cost of the kilowatt-hour is 163 euros. The French brand is clearly cheap, as is Dacia.

Citroën also remains at a reasonable cost, below €175/kWh. Curiously, the other member of the former Groupe PSA, Peugeot, is very expensive with €338/kWh.

Škoda also defends well the title of value for money company with €200/kWh for the Enyaq’s 77 kWh battery. The smallest 50 kWh battery for the Czech SUV is ultimately more expensive with up to €280/kWh.

The 10 cheapest EVs in €/kWh The 10 most expensive EVs in €/kWh
 1. Renault Zoé  €163  Porsche Taycan  €446
 2.  Renault Twingo  €164  Honda e  €467 
 3.  Dacia Spring  €164 BMW iX3 €468 
 4.  Citroën ë-C4  €173  Audi e-tron GT  €421-495 
 5.  Škoda Enyaq  €196-287  MINI Cooper SE  €501 
 6.  VW ID.3/ID.4  €248-264  Mazda MX-30  €575 
 7.  M-B EQA  €252  Audi e-tron  €591 
 8.  Ford Mustang Mach-E  €256-258  smart  €604 
 9.  Tesla  €269*  Lexus UX  €631 
 10.  Jaguar i-Pace  €397  BMW i3  €731 

On the other hand, some companies reach more than double the price that exceeds €600/kWh. And so for a battery of 50 kWh you have to pay 30 thousand euros!


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