How Tesla manage not to be affected by the chip shortage

Many automakers are having problems because of the chip shortage, but Tesla seems to have found the solution. Sales figures confirm that Tesla pursued a successful strategy in this area.

One of the elements that made Tesla strong on this track seems to be the absolute control it has over software issues, taking care of the scope of updates and features it will offer to its drivers.

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On the other hand, the fact that there were shortages in processors and integrated circuits in the orders that the company was waiting for, made it write the code differently, to deal more with software and less with hardware, so that it is not necessary to proceed to ordering new circuits, and therefore to delays in production.

The result, from a commercial perspective, seems to vindicate Tesla, having doubled its vehicle sales in a year. Tesla’s moves were achievable due to its different mod ment of operation compared to suppliers.

However, this has not been possible with the other manufacturers, where the relationship between procurement and the software development departments is closer. Tesla is a good example to them, and it’s not out of the question that we’ll see them change their policy in the future.


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