How the hybrid system of the WRC cars works, Video

The hybrid system in the WRC race cars will debut in a few days in the first race for 2022 and thus a new era begins for this category of Rally racing cars.

On the occasion of the car’s upcoming premiere at the Monte Carlo Rally in almost a week from now, Tim Jackson, Chief Development Engineer of the M-Sport Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, explains to us in the informative video that follows the layout and the technology behind the hybrid mechanical set of Ford’s new “weapon” in the WRC.

In the rest of the powertrain, Rally1-class cars, such as the new M-Sport Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, are still all-wheel drive, but without a centre differential.

Video from YouTube channel M-Sport

The most important difference, however, compared to the past is the hybrid unit, which adds a power amplification of 100kW, so the maximum performance of the drive unit can reach up to about 530 horsepower. This makes the new Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 extremely exciting to drive!

hybrid system WRC

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