Hydrogen pilot project in offshore wind by Vattenfall in Scotland

A new hydrogen pilot project called Hydrogen Turbine 1 (HT1) is being developed by Vattenfall, which includes the installation of hydrogen production equipment in one of the wind turbines in the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre in Scotland.

The company has already submitted applications for the investigation of routes for the pipelines in cooperation with the government directorate Marine Scotland, as well as submitted an application for an environmental impact study accompanied by a report.

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hydrogen pilot project

It should be remembered that at the beginning of last December, Vattenfall signed a contract with Fugro in order to conduct a geophysical survey, as well as the subsequent data processing and submission of proposals for possible routes of the hydrogen pipeline that will connect the EOWDC with the port of Aberdeen.

This project concerns the modernization of one of the park’s existing wind turbines, installing a platform that will host the relevant equipment for hydrogen production.

This turbine will be connected to a storage system located on land via a submersible pipeline that will carry the hydrogen produced, as shown in the figure below.

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