Is the electric Dacia Spring already a success?

One of the models that are going to play an important role in the further development of Dacia is the Spring electric. The company’s new electric SUV keeps the Value for Money character of the brand’s cars high in full, but combines it with the extra economy offered by its power-train.

Already Dacia is celebrating 40,000 orders in just 8 months since Spring’s first appearance (of which 15,000 have already been delivered), since the company after the first 16,000 pre-orders of the March-June quarter, every month until November gets almost 5,000 orders for Spring.

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And most importantly, of most Spring buyers, most of them are new to Dacia.

electric Dacia Spring

The reasons for the success of Spring have to do with the fact that it is an electric car made for everyday traffic, offering electric economy and comfort, combined with its affordable purchase price (e.g. in France Spring costs only 12,600 euros after the subsidy).

At the same time, within the city it provides a driving range of up to 305 km, thus making it the ideal daily means for the average European driver who travels about 30 kilometers per day (autonomy in city and national: 230 km).

We remind you that Spring uses for its movement an electric motor of 44 horsepower, which is combined with a battery of 26.8 kWh. The top speed is 125 km/h. For its charging on a simple charger of 7.4 kW it requires less than 5 hours, while in a fast charger up to 30 kW it reaches 80% in under an hour.

A qualification of Spring is the large trunk of 300 liters, which contrasts with its highly compact dimensions and in particular, the length of 3,734 meters, the width of 1,622 meters and the height of 1,516 meters.


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