Mazda: A hybrid with Wankel motor is being prepared!

A new Mazda patent has come to light, which reveals a rear-wheel drive car, which will be equipped with Wankel motor and hybrid technology.

All the evidence proves that Mazda works quietly evolving new products. A new patent filed by the Japanese brand at the European patent office concerns a new rear-wheel drive model that will be equipped with our well-known Wankel engine, which will also incorporate hybrid technology, while also having a new gearbox.

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It may have been 10 years since Mazda last built a model with a rotary engine, but its love for this motor is unquenchable, despite the difficulty of complying with strict emission regulations.

hybrid Wankel motor

The recent patent reveals a rotary engine at the front of the car, with three rotors, just like the Cosmo Coupe had in the early 90’s, but which will work together with a mild hybrid 48V system.

Now all that remains to be seen whether this work by Mazda will go into production or remain on paper! The fullness of time remains to show that!


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