Mercedes Vision EQXX broke barrier of a 1000 km of range

Mercedes Vision EQXX broke the 1000 km range barrier in electric cars. The sports car comes with a number of technological and mechanical features that impress. What stands out is the system of production and consumption of electricity.

Mercedes technicians have found a way for the vehicle to harness 95% of the electricity produced, making it the most efficient electric car built to date.

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In fact, photovoltaic systems were installed on the roof of the Vision WQXX that produce extra energy than that of batteries, thus increasing its autonomy even more.

Until now, the record autonomy was held by Lucid Air, the American company Lucid, which has a range of about 840 km.

It is worth noting that the construction of the Vision EQXX involved the engineers and technicians of the Formula 1 division of Mercedes, while the entire length and length of the dashboard is covered by an impressive digital 8K resolution display.

The company announced that this particular model does not go into production, it just wanted to make a demonstration of its technological superiority. However, the technologies developed for the Vision EQXX will be used in various new or existing Mercedes electric models.

The company aims to produce by 2030 exclusively electric vehicles in several markets of the developed world.


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