New electric Peugeot e-308 will have a range of 400 km

The new electric Peugeot e-308 will follow the logic of the smaller e-208 and e-2008. So his electric powertrain system along with the on-board charger and the heat pump will be in front. The front wheels will therefore be the driving wheels, while the output will reach 156 horsepower and 270 Nm.

Compared to the smaller electric models, it will be increased by 20 horsepower and 10 Nm, while greater by 4 kWh, a total of 54.0 kWh, will be the battery where it will be on the floor and thus will not affect the spaces for passengers and luggage. In fact, the trunk will be the same as that of the plug-in hybrid versions of the model.

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electric Peugeot

The range will reach 400 kilometers (249 miles), mainly thanks to improved battery chemistry that will ensure according to Peugeot energy consumption of 12.4 kWh per 100 kilometers. This particular number impresses since it is one of the top in the category.

Charging can be done on a fast DC charger with up to 100 kW as well as on a wall box of up to 11.0 kW.

The electric Peugeot e-308 will be available towards the end of summer 2023 and the French company estimates that its sales will correspond to 205 of the total of the model.


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