Shell starts converting petrol stations with EV chargers

Shell is gradually expanding its network with EV chargers and it seems that it wants to have a dominant role in terms of charging electric vehicles.

With electromobility thriving, manufacturers arguing that in the future they will only sell electric cars and the European Union pushing everyone towards new forms of sustainable energy, service station owners are deeply concerned about the next day.

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Shell, an oil giant, is leading the way with the creation of the second fully equipped electric vehicle charging station. It is located in Fulham, London and until recently it was a classic gas station.

The gas station was converted into an EV car station serving customers speed thanks to nine 175 kW DC fast chargers and 18 slots. The chargers are powered by renewable energy sources without harming the environment and solar panels have been installed on the roof of the building.

shell EV chargers

Drivers visiting the Royal Dutch Shell EV hub in the British capital area can enjoy a snack, tea or coffee for as many minutes as their vehicle charges and relax in the station hall. Of course, due to the fast charging, there is also the option of waiting in the vehicle.

Charging hubs should gradually replace traditional gas stations. What remains to be seen is whether EV hubs will be an economical option for electric vehicle owners, as the cost of electricity from a domestic wallbox is currently much cheaper.


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