Tesla Full Self Driving Βeta brings different driving profiles

New features are offered to Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) software where it acquires through an update, the ability to select the driving profile that its user wants. The three driving options available are Chill, Average and Assertive.

This update was scheduled to be made available from last October, but it was decided to withdraw due to some problems that had been identified in the identification of traffic lights and road elements. Now, it’s time to make it available again with the appropriate interventions to fix all bugs.

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Tesla Self Driving

In Assertive configuration, the car can move more freely, get closer to the vehicle in front and perform more lane changes.

In addition to the fact of restoring driving profiles, Elon Musk announced that the price for buying Tesla’s Full Self Driving software is going up by $2,000 and now costs 12,000 euros, even though it’s still in beta stage.

The FSD software so far allows a vehicle to drive autonomously to a destination registered in the navigation system, although the driver must always be careful and ready to take control.


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