Tesla: Full Self-Driving price rises to $12,000

The price of the “Full Self-Driving” package will continue its upward trend as Elon Musk had stated at the beginning of the development and as the completion of the software approaches, and the car will be able to move completely autonomously, since there is the corresponding approval from the authorities.

When this is done, the value of the Autopilot system’s “Full Self-Driving” feature will be over $100,000.

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The CEO of Tesla, announced a price increase for the FSD package in the United States to $12,000, up from $10,000 today. Also the price increase should coincide with the release of a major new software update.

One reason behind Musk’s tweet about the value of Tesla’s software is the “robotaxi“, which he has promised. With this feature, Tesla owners will be able to turn their cars into autonomous vehicles and will be able to serve the transportation needs of a city’s residents.

In an earlier statement, Musk has said that owners of Tesla’s cars will be able to collect up to $30,000 annually once the robotaxi service is launched.

The FSD software so far allows a vehicle to drive autonomously to a destination registered in the navigation system, although the driver must always be careful and ready to take control.


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