Tesla: How Elon Musk’s company got its name

Elon Musk’s automotive industry -Tesla- has managed to open new horizons and turn the market to electrification and battery technology. 

But how exactly did the company from Texas get its name? Although many believe that it was the inspiration of Musk himself, the reality is quite different. 

As the billionaire has admitted, the name Tesla belonged to a company from Sacramento, and the automaker was forced to pay $75,000 in order to make it its own. 

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Tesla Elon Musk

In fact, at first the owner of the company in question was firmly opposed to conceding the name. 

“I sent the best one to sit at his door and not leave until he agrees and sells it to us,” Elon Musk recounts in a video posted on Twitter.  

He also clarified that if he could not obtain the name Tesla, the No.1 alternative was the name Faraday.


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