Tesla: New record production and deliveries in 2021

Tesla closed 2021 with a new record of production and deliveries but also completed the Q4 with impressive production and delivery rates, surprising Wal Street analysts.

Tesla in Q4 2021 built a total of 305,840 cars (13,109 Model S/Model X and 292,731 Model 3/Model Y) and delivered 308,600 cars (11,750 Model S/Model X and 296,850 Model 3/Model Y). This was the 6th consecutive quarter that Tesla hit a record number of deliveries.

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Q4 2021

 ProductionDeliveriesSubject to operating lease accounting
Model S/X13,10911,75017%
Model 3/Y292,731296,8505%

During 2021, Tesla produced 930,422 cars (24,390 Model S/Model X and 906,032 Model 3/Model Y) and delivered 936,172 cars (24,964 Model S/Model X and 911,208 Model 3/Model Y).

Tesla new Record production
Tesla: New record production

In the first quarter of 2021, Tesla delivered 184,800 cars, the second 201,250 cars and the third 241,300 cars. The production of the quarters was 180,338 cars, 206,421 cars and 237,823 cars respectively.


Model S/X24,39024,964
Model 3/Y906,032911,208

evNT Note:

And all this without Tesla’s new factories (Giga Texas and Giga Berlin) having started production of vehicles, something that will happen in 2022. Tesla in 2021 remained the dominant force in electric cars, and that probably won’t change in 2022 since the difference from other manufacturers that produce pure electric vehicles is very large.

The U.S. automaker came very close to the target of 1,000,000 cars for 2021 but in 2022 with the new factories as mentioned above Tesla is very likely to double production by the end of the year. What do you think, will production reach or exceed 2,000,000 vehicles? will Tesla comfortably remain the dominant force in 2022?


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