Tesla with Panasonic’s new high-capacity battery

Panasonic’s new high-capacity EVs battery will go into production in 2023, with Tesla supplying it first. The new battery will have significant benefits in the range of Tesla vehicles.

From 2023 onwards, Panasonic will be Tesla’s supplier of the battery of its pure electric cars, while the first information about the performance of the new unit is quite optimistic, as there is talk of a battery that will be able to increase the range of an electric vehicle by up to 15%.

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At the same time, Panasonic promises reduced costs of using and acquiring the new power plant with which it will supply Tesla. This Panasonic unit, codenamed 4680, will provide a big improvement in performance, which means that a Tesla Model S, which currently has a range of 650 kilometers, will be able to run on a full charge for 750 kilometers.

Tesla 4680 new EV battery

Panasonic has made generous investments to meet the demand for its batteries, as Tesla is doing very well commercially and remains at the top of sales in electric vehicles.

On the other hand, the use of Panasonic’s new unit is important news, as it will reduce the cost of purchasing an electric car, which will further help consolidate electrification on a global scale.


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