The great return of the legendary Maserati to car racing

The great return of the legendary Maserati to motor racing, with her entry into the electric Formula E in 2023, is not excluded in the future to lead even in Formula 1.

It’s been almost 60 years since Maserati was last involved in motorsport. Now, the legendary brand declares itself ready to return to the Formula E circuits for the 2022 – 2023 season.

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The internationally recognizable trident’s logo returns to motorsport in the next season of Formula E racing, with electric single-seaters offering high levels of four-wheeled thrills.

Maserati says it is returning to a place it knows well, meaning the world of single-seater racing vehicles, as in 1957 it had won the Formula 1 Championship, with Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel.

legendary Maserati racing

In its return to racing, Maserati aspires to bring not only the trophies, but also innovation, since it is an open secret that racing with electric cars is not a field of athletic competition, but also an important development laboratory with obvious benefits for the world of electromobility.

The CEO of the Italian company, with the words “time will tell” did not rule out the possibility of considering in the future the return of Maserati to Formula 1. Also the new generation of its electric performance cars will have the common name and the emblem “Folgore”, which means lightning in Italian.

It is obvious that Maserati wants to turn as a car industry towards the electric future of 4 wheels.


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