The new Suzuki Swace features fully hybrid technology

The new Suzuki Swace is a Sport Hatchback, featuring fully hybrid technology. It has a 1.8-cylinder four-cylinder engine, which produces 98 horsepower with a maximum torque of 14.8 kg. and an electric motor that delivers 72 horsepower with a torque of 16.6 kg.

The Sport Hatchback with a length of 4.65 meters achieves low fuel consumption from 4.4 liters/100 km. and low emissions of pollutants from 99 g/km. while it is classified in the D segment of the market and manufactured in the UK. It also features upgraded Suzuki Safety Support and new infotainment systems.

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The electric motor quietly and smoothly launches the Swace and drives it at low speeds. At higher speeds and in cases of sudden acceleration, it moves with both the electric motor and a powerful but economical 1.8 petrol engine, while the hybrid battery is also recharged, if necessary.

The electrical energy is generated by rotating the engine through a generator when the battery level is low and by the rotation of the wheels through the electric motor during deceleration. Every time the car comes to a standstill, all units stop working to save energy.

The transmission is carried out with the automatic transmission e-CVT. In the e-CVT transmission the movement is uninterrupted, quiet and smooth in changes. Here there is no strap or pulleys as in a traditional CVT.

Their place is taken by two electric motors (MG1 with a power of 23KW & MG2 with a power of 53KW), which are connected by a planetary gear mechanism, similar to that found in the automatic transmissions (Power Split Device).

Suzuki Swace fully hybrid

The MG1 acts as a starter, as a generator for charging the battery, but also assists the planetary mechanism in combining an internal combustion engine and a main electric motor.

THE MG2 is the main one for electric drive, which is converted into a generator to recover energy from braking.

The cooperation of the two (but also the isolation of the thermal motor for the purely electric drive, without using an additional clutch), offers a constantly changing relationship.

Suzuki Swace fully hybrid

Apart from the well-known positions that exist in an automatic transmission (P,R,N,D), in the selector of the e-CVT there is also the position B, where it is selected mainly on downhill routes as it offers the vehicle braking from the engine and at the same time fast charging of the hybrid battery.


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