Useful tips from Mercedes on charging pure electric cars

Mercedes-Benz gives useful tips for charging electric cars where they will help extend battery life, make charging stops more enjoyable and optimise driving time.

Use pre-escalation during charging. This saves autonomy, because the energy required to keep the battery and interior at the right temperature is covered by the charging current. The EQB‘s pre-climate system can be programmed directly via MBUX or via the Mercedes me App. Important: You can drive more efficiently with heated seats than with hot air from the air conditioning system.

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Do not charge fully. For physical and chemical reasons, the charge rate decreases as the battery approaches its full charge. Therefore, when charging fast with direct current (DC) it usually makes sense to charge the battery with a fast charger only up to 80% or depending on the autonomy you need. It’s also good for battery life.

Avoid regular quick loads. Electric cars should be charged quickly during a single journey only if it is really necessary. Continuous fast charging with high power can have a negative effect on battery life.

Leave control to the “co-driver”. If possible, always enable navigation with Electric Intelligence. The reason is that it intelligently takes into account many factors in the design of the fastest route, including charging stops, and can react dynamically to changes, such as traffic jams. And when the remaining autonomy starts to become pressing, it can give you tips on how to gain a few more miles.

Avoid extreme temperatures. If the batteries are exposed to intense heat or intense cold, their capacity is quickly reduced. Therefore, you should avoid parking your electric car in the hot sun in the summer, when possible, and prefer shade. In winter, a garage is ideal for parking and charging. In addition, in winter it is recommended to charge the battery immediately after a trip, that is, before the battery cools down.

Better half full. If you are not going to use the vehicle for a long time, e.g. due to your absence on a multi-day trip, you should leave it with the battery charged up to about halfway. This slows down the loss of battery charge.

Search for information in advance. The Mercedes me App offers many useful functions regarding charging. It also includes a filter option that allows charging points to be sorted according to criteria such as availability or charging power. When you want to decide where to charge the EQB, there are photos and ratings that can help you. It also calculates the probability that a particular charging point is busy during the day and is displayed on the screen.


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