Watch Tesla Model S Plaid at 0-278 km/h, video

The Tesla Model S Plaid offers amazing acceleration from a standstill making life difficult in many supercars as well as hypercars. But how does Tesla’s electric rocket respond and how much does it take to “catch” its top speed from a standstill?

Last week, Tesla made available the 2021.44.30 over-the-air software update for the Model S, which upgrades the capabilities of the Plaid version of the model.

With the update, track mode became available, as well as the “unlocking” of the top speed of the Model S Plaid, while at the same time the Drift mode is added, while -finally- you can adjust as you see fit the distribution of torque on the front and rear axles.

In the video below you can see some of the possibilities added by the latest upgrade, as well as the acceleration from a standstill to the final car, which now reaches 175 mph (282 km / h), when until today it was 163 mph (262 km / h).

The reason you won’t see the 175mph in the video above is because the car wears aftermarket wheels.

Video from YouTube channel DragTimes

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