Zaiser: Retro electric motorcycle with range of 482 km

Zaiser is an American startup that creates electric motorcycles with retro features and high performance in terms of range. The newest model of the company with its special design, promises a seamless journey of 482 kilometers (300 miles) with a single charge.

The company promises to start production later this year, having already announced a model, and now it is coming back with the announcement that its range will consist of a total of two models and not one. In any case, the basic principles of design remain the same, with strong retro features and good autonomy.

Retro electric motorcycles

The most expensive model is the one that will have the silhouette name and will offer the longest range of 482 kilometers of its solid state batteries. The most affordable model is the Arrow, which will have a maximum range of 257 kilometers on one charge. The price of the most expensive model in the U.S. is expected to be $25,000.

The company claims that the design is still evolving, and it is quite possible that the final models may not resemble the current design proposals. In any case, this retro electric motorcycle has an impressive design and certainly during its passage it will magnetize the eyes.


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