Balance in sales of Hybrid and Diesel cars in Europe

For the first time, there is a particular balance in the sales of Hybrid and diesel cars in Europe for 2021, since after the huge rise they had in the European markets, hybrid vehicles equalized in sales diesel cars.

100% electric vehicles also continued to increase their sales, but less impressively than in 2020, manufacturers announced.

In the whole year 2021, sales of non-externally charged hybrid vehicles (diesel or gasoline) continued to grow (+60.5% in one year), as they sold 1.9 million vehicles, i.e. they had a 19.6% share of the market, as much as ordinary diesel cars, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) said in a statement.

The latter, which have been hit by the diesel-gate scandal and heavy charges, have seen their sales fall by a third during the year (31.5%) across the continent, even by half in the last quarter.

sales of Hybrid

Sales of rechargeable hybrids, i.e. vehicles equipped with a thermal engine and a small electric motor, also increased by 70.7%, with sales of 867,092 vehicles and an 8.9% market share.

Sales of electric cars continued to grow by 63.1% in the European Union, with sales of 878,432 vehicles and a share of 9.1% of the market (compared to 1.9% in 2019 and 5.4% in 2020), thanks also to their promotion through public subsidies for their purchase and the growing supply of electric vehicles by manufacturers.

While the European Commission aims to ban sales of thermal-powered vehicles by 2035, in France and Germany, the two main markets, electric vehicles have continued to grow, while in Sweden, Ireland or Italy sales of electric vehicles have doubled in one year.


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