Biden made Elon Musk happy by saying the word…

For months, Elon Musk has been annoyed by US President Joe Biden because Tesla’s company was not publicly mentioned. Tens of thousands of people participated in this review. Now Musk has reason to be happy.

President Biden mentioned the name of Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla in a public speech. At an event to set up a factory for charging stations in the state of Tennessee, Biden spoke of “legendary companies” such as General Motors (GM) and Ford, which created new production of electric vehicles — and of “Tesla, the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the country.”

Musk welcomed the US president’s remark by commenting on a video of Biden’s speech with a smiling emoji on Twitter. Shortly thereafter, he also thanked the signatories of a petition calling on the U.S. president to “recognize Tesla’s leadership in electric cars.” The initiative had gathered about 58,500 signatures.

Musk had made headlines in recent months with his constant criticism of Biden: he repeatedly accused the US president of bypassing and deliberately ignoring Tesla. Just on January 30, Musk tweeted: For unknown reasons, Biden “is not in a position to pronounce the word ‘Tesla’.”


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