China: Huge increase in EV sales by 132% in January

Ev sales in China rose slightly, rising 132% in January compared to January last year, Chinese media group (CMG) said, citing new industry data.

With sales of 347,000 electric cars, sales volume is still 27 percent lower than in December, according to data from the Chinese Passenger Car Association, reports beta news agency.

U.S. electric car maker Tesla sold 59,845 vehicles built in China in January, while Chinese automaker BYD sold 93,101 electric cars in the same month.

The Chinese Passenger Car Association observed that electric car companies are facing cost pressures as subsidies have fallen, while there has been a sharp rise in the prices of raw materials such as lithium.

Total retail sales of passenger cars reached 2.09 million units in January, 4.4% less than last year, according to data from that Association.


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