Koenigsegg introduce an electric motor that fits in a bag

It is very impressive and practical to fit the electric motor of your car in a bag and even more interesting for this engine to produce 355 horsepower. These are the characteristics of the Koenigsegg Quark E-Motor.

The performance of this lilliputian electric motor reaches 355 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, so the Koenigsegg Quark E-Motor may be small to the eye, but it is great in performance. The company shows him next to a can of soft drink to show us how small his size is.

A hybrid vehicle could use a Quark engine, while a pure electric vehicle could take advantage of the power of two engines of the Swedish Koenigsegg. It is worth noting that apart from its impressively small size, this engine does not exceed 30 kg in weight.

electric motor in a bag

It is a given that Koenigsegg will place these engines in its future vehicles, and it is not clear whether other manufacturers will be able to acquire them.

The combined use of two Quark engines, however, in addition to the four-wheel drive will offer an output of more than 670 horsepower and torque greater than 1100 Nm!


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