Make eTour at Audi’s state-of-the-art plant for EVs, video

Audi’s factory in Brussels is a state-of-the-art plant of its kind and is a powerful production unit for the brand from Ingolstadt, while the Audi A1 came out of the production line. It was the last car with an internal combustion engine built there, before the factory focused exclusively on electrification.

For a short time the factory closed its gates in order to be transformed into a model unit manufacturing exclusively electric models of Audi. In addition to infrastructure work, Audi prepared its employees with hundreds of thousands of hours of training to build advanced electric cars.

Since 2011, the Audi factory in Brussels has been a major attraction for both Belgians and tourists in the city, as it was open to visits. With the resumption of its operation, the interest of the people multiplied.

Audi’s state-of-the-art plant for EVs

In response to the interest of the people, Audi made it possible to visit the factory online. Now, anyone interested, from anywhere in the world, has the opportunity to get to know the way in which an advanced electric car is built.

The eTour transports viewers to the world of e-tron production – from the presses in the paint shop, to the final assembly. In the final assembly, streaming visitors can see how over 1,000 components are assembled on a conveyor belt longer than one kilometer long.

Video from YouTube channel Audi Brussels

state-of-the-art plant

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