New lawsuit against Tesla for racist behavior

A black, gay woman decided to lawsuit Tesla as Kaylen Baker claims she was racially abused and physically assaulted while working there.

Along with Tesla, Baker is also suing staffing firm Staffmark, with the lawsuit stating that Tesla failed to address racist abuse by a colleague. Moreover, when Baker tried to report the abuse, Tesla took actions against her aimed at punishing her or revenge on her, with the plaintiff describing the environment as “hidden-racist.”

According to the complaint, a white colleague hit Baker with a hot tool, while at the same time calling her silly, dumb and. The colleague was fired after Baker complained to Tesla’s HR division, but was re-hired about two weeks later, without any warning or explanation.

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The lawsuit also states that one of her colleagues – named Joanne – began directing this racial abuse towards Baker when the latter got a promotion. Baker was hired to work at Tesla’s assembly plant in Lathrop, California, by the staffing company in February 2021.

She was fired in late October 2021 after first reporting everything to her boss, according to the complaint. The company also withheld five of Baker’s salaries from its last months at the plant.


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