New Smart #1 Electric Crossover Confirmed

Smart #1 will eventually be called the new electric crossover and will be the first product that the company will launch in the new era of co-ownership Daimler-Geely and will be as we know the production version of Concept #1 – the prototype we saw at the Munich exhibition in September last year.

With its rebirth, Smart wants to return to the cutting edge of technology and innovation as it had done in the past with its first, homonymous model, and this is reflected both by its decision to fully embrace electrification technology and, in this case, to name its first model “#1”.

Smart #1 has been going through the last stages of the testing phase and some interesting facts are seeing the light of day for the first time.

Such as the fact that the drag coefficient is formed at the low 0.29 Cd which is a “top achievement” for its class or that the battery control system “keeps it in the ideal operating conditions” even at temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius which means that its range will not be significantly affected.

The length of the Smart #1 electric crossover will be about 4.29 meters and therefore the Smart #1 will be placed directly opposite the Mercedes EQA for example, as we know that the company and more specifically Daimler who has undertaken the design (with Geely being responsible for the mechanics) wants to project a fashionable but at the same time mature image.


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