Record wind power generation the wind farms in UK

A record number of wind power generations were set by wind farms in the UK on Saturday, which is expected to bring temporary relief to electricity prices, the cost of which has skyrocketed due to the rise in the price of gas.

Production from wind farms reached as high as 14,822 megawatts, breaking the previous record of 14,286 megawatts in May 2021, according to data from the National Grid. This large production brought the price of energy for delivery to the N2EX stock exchange to its lowest level since January 3, at 150.59 pounds per megawatt hour.

Wind energy, particularly coastal energy, is the cornerstone of Britain’s goal of zero emissions. Plans include a quadrupling of production capacity from coastal wind farms by the end of this decade. Earlier in January, Scotland granted allowances for more than twice the size of the UK’s current production capacity.

Record wind power

As Bloomberg reports, the current large amount of wind energy produced is not only due to the strong winter winds, but also to the new coastal wind farms that began operating last year.

As more projects enter the power grid, including the world’s largest offshore wind farm developed off the east coast of England, wind power generation will increase further.

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