Renault is preparing a new model with hydrogen

Renault is making its own plans with hydrogen fuel in automotive and wants an alternative solution to pure electric models.

Until recently, the most active company in the field of hydrogen application for use in widely used cars was Toyota, which in addition to the Mirai has also announced “normal” engines that can also be operated with hydrogen in cars such as the Corolla or the Yaris.

This is the path that Renault seems to be following, which has released a teaser image of a new prototype that will be equipped with a “hydrogen engine”.

The use of the word “engine” may mean that there will be no electric motors, but a classic internal combustion engine running on hydrogen instead of petrol or diesel.

The image we have in our hands is reminiscent of the Megane E-Tech Electric, but with bigger daytime running lights where the air inlets are normally. In fact, it seems to belong to the category of crossovers.

There is currently no more evidence, as full disclosure is imminent in May.


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