Tesla Autopilot sudden braking reports are growing

Tesla Autopilot sudden braking reports are constantly increasing, as are complaints to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about problems with the brakes and emergency systems of American automotive models.

These reports refer to the unnecessary and sudden braking of the company’s cars, mainly when they are driven by the autonomous driving system.

The “phantom braking” as they call it is a wrong function of the vehicle’s systems, where for some inexplicable reason it mistakenly realizes that there is an obstacle at the front and brakes to reduce the speed of the car.

The issue mainly concerns cars coming behind the Tesla, as this braking is not expected by their driver, thus leaving open the possibility of a collision.

The incidents, according to the Washington Post, are at least 107 in the last three months, which are significantly more than just 34 in the previous 22 months.

The point in time when the phenomenon has begun to become intense also coincides with Tesla’s decision to abolish radars and replace only with cameras for the autonomous driving system.

Experts observe that this is a setback in the reliability of these systems, as there should be sensors of various types that are complemented by each other and there should be a cross-check of the data before the autonomous driving system is instructed to proceed to sudden braking.

Video from YouTube channel Matthew K Rogers

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