Tesla car models in the huge market of Turkey

Tesla is entering yet another large market, since the car models of the American automaker will now be sold in Turkey.

So Tesla announces the start of its commercial activity to the east, although the dualization of electromobility in Turkey is still very limited. At the helm of the company will be Kemal Geçer, who previously held a managerial position at Lufthansa Turkey – Iraq.

Tesla’s director of operations in the neighbouring country will be Emir Tunçyürek, a former consultant to The InsideEVs Turkey news outlet and co-founder of the E-Garaj workshop.

In 2021, close to 4,000 electrics were sold in Turkey, when in 2020 the total sales volume was limited to 1,600 units. It is currently estimated that there are up to 8,000 public-use electrics in the country, and after Tesla enters the country, everyone expects demand for zero-emission models to skyrocket.

Tesla car models

Later this year, Tesla will launch in the neighboring country all four of its Model X, Model Y, Model 3 and Model S products, while working on the expansion of the network with Superchargers fast chargers.

The prices of the Tesla car models will be announced in due course at the same time as a customer service network, a service center will be established, while roadside assistance services will be offered.

Tesla’s infiltration of the Turkish market is not surprising, given Elon Musk’s long-standing friendship with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


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