The electric vehicles are involved in fewer car fires

When one of the electric vehicles gets on fire it is first news in the media and this gives a confused picture of what is happening with the EVs and how many fire incidents are involved in.

However, according to a survey conducted in the USA by the team of researchers of AutoInsuranceEZ which examined data published by the National Transportation Safety Council of the country, the recorded incidents of fires involving electric cars are much less than hybrid and gasoline cars.

More specifically, per 100,000 cars sold, fires in hybrid cars reach an absolute number of 3,475, while in cars that consume gasoline 1,530. In contrast, for electric cars, fire incidents are limited to just 25.

The study went further, with analysts looking at the recalls made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2020 due to a fire. Here, petrol-powered vehicles took the lead, with EVs coming in second place and hybrids in Third

Car fires are a major problem in the US. The National Fire Prevention Association estimates that in 2018 alone people died in car fires to 560.

At the same time, the damage caused each year to property due to car fires amounts to $1.9 billion.

See more about this survey here

The always active on social media Elon Musk commented in his own way on the results of the above survey stating:

“Now that the big car advertisers are manufacturing EV, you’ll see a lot fewer articles about EV on fire. It’s no surprise that cars with an internal combustion engine tend to burn externally as well.”


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