The magic in driving will also remain in an electric Ferrari

Ferrari, although undecided, is gradually passing into the electric era, with the first electric supercar not being long in coming. The historic Italian brand states that driving an electric supercar will be full of emotions.

As soon as the news became known that Ferrari is about to enter the electric era, not a few of its fans were quick to comment that something of the magic of driving a petrol-powered Ferrari with the engine in the center would be lost.

Ferrari states that nothing is going to change for the driver who wants special thrills after the transition to the electric era. The first contacts with Ferrari’s hybrid models, however, confirm what the brand promises for pure electric ones as well.

electric ferrari

In some Ferrari designs, however, a prototype appears with a familiar design for the Italian brand, two seats for the driver and front passenger and a special area for the battery, where traditionally one expected to find the engine.


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