The touching story of the new Kia EV6, Video

The new Kia EV6 is found in a touching story where together with a robotic puppy they create an impressive result and at the same time shows us other advantages of the award-winning pure electric EV6.

So, according to the script of the advertisement, a robotic puppy melancholys behind the shop window, as someone dreams of buying it in order to finally have love and a family.

The Puppy’s eyes shine when sees the new all-electric Kia EV6 outside the store and dreams of its freedom with EV6. So the robotic puppy decided to run away from the store and chase the new EV6 through the streets of the city. It gets tangled up in the legs of passers-by, enters an elevator, jumps from rooftops until he finds the EV6 parked.

Kia EV6

Then puppy decides to dive from the tall building and enter through the open sunroof. Unfortunately, at the crucial moment, its battery runs out and everything turns black. The robotic puppy ends up unconscious on the ground. Its “heart”, however, begins to beat again as the driver of the Kia EV6 charges it from the door of the vehicle and decides to adopt it.

Video from YouTube channel Kia America

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