This Tesla Model S renouns the electric motor and battery

Getting a Tesla Model S on the roads without an electric motor and batteries is certainly remarkable. Model S was the car that was destined to change the course of electrification and act as a diversion of the entire automotive industry to the EVs.

The design of the Model S is possessed by a dynamism that until today, a decade after its debut, passes its “paint” with immense ease. A look that, ideally, should be accompanied by a beautiful and lalistic thermal motor, preferably V8. A fantasy that improvers do in the U.S., where they put V8 up to Mazda MX-5!

Rich Rebuilds is a YouTube channel that works with Tesla conversions. It makes perfect sense to undertake the complex and costly task of “switching” to gasoline, always against the backdrop of eight cylinders.

The LS3 from the Chevrolet Camaro SS was chosen as the heart, with the 6.2 V8 Small Block fitting just fine in the engine room of a 2015 Model S, which had come out “total” due to flooding. The difficulties related to its adaptation, as well as the rest of the mechanical parts (engine, transmission, axles, semi-axles, differential, etc.) on a frame designed to accommodate battery arrays and electric motors.

Video from YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds

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