Tork Kratos: Indian electric motorcycle with shocking price

Tork Motors are an Indian company and recently unveiled an electric motorcycle with a shocking price. The company had somewhat disappeared in recent years and in 2016, it had created quite a bit of noise around its name with its electric models, but the sequel was not as expected.

A few days ago Tork Motors “pulled the sheets” (through live streaming and YouTube), presenting the Kratos, but also the Kratos R. With a cost of acquisition of about 1,500 dollars, one would say that we did not expect a two-wheeler that when you see it would fall on our jaws.

However, when you consider that this is an entry level motorcycle intended for India and the surrounding countries, we probably have an impressive electric model.

The Axial Flux engine delivers 10hp and 28 Nm of torque, which allows it to catch 40km/h in four seconds and have a final 100km/h. Range reaches 110km, and although the battery has been placed at the bottom of the bike for a low center of gravity, the ground clearance is at 165mm.

On the other hand, the sportier Tork Kratos R has a more powerful motor, yielding 12hp, requiring 3.5sec for 0-40km/h, while the cost of acquisition is at $1,650.

Video from YouTube channel Tork Motors

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