Triumph revealed the electric motorcycle prototype, video

Triumph TE-1 is a fast-charging electric motorcycle and the first prototype became a reality after Triumph’s partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering and the University of Warwick. In addition, rumor has it that the TE-1 can be the basis for triumph’s new electric models.

Williams Advanced Engineering was responsible for the development and design of the prototype’s battery. Williams engineers adapted to the bike a special battery with a capacity of 15kWh with a continuous power of 80kW or a maximum power of 130kW.

Noteworthy is the battery management software presented by Williams. Essentially, it concerns an integrated vehicle control unit and a compact DC-DC inverter.

Triumph revealed the electric motorcycle prototype, video

This battery provides more available power for longer. Although the continuous power of 80kW and the maximum power of 130kW are the specifications of the electric powertrain, the battery design is also for continuous power of 90kW and a maximum power of 170kW.

This, combined with the main cooling system, distributes the available power in the best way. Finally, the battery system is mounted on the bike in a way that is as friendly as possible to the rider.

Video from YouTube channel Official Triumph Motorcycles

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