VW: Green electricity energy from photovoltaic parks

VW, with the aim of generating green electricity for electric cars, actively supported the creation of a giant photovoltaic park in Northern Germany.

The Tramm-Göthen photovoltaic park, about 60 kilometers east of Hamburg, covers an area of about 2.5 million square meters, almost equal to 350 football fields, one of the largest similar facilities in Northern Europe.

The park, with an installed capacity of 172 MW, has already been in operation since the beginning of the year, with the energy pumped from the sun being able to energetically cover the annual circulation of about 48,000 electric cars.

VW’s participation in the project was from the beginning a crucial factor for its implementation, as such large projects need to have the revenues from the sale of the energy produced guaranteed before the implementation begins.

VW Green electricity

Volkswagen and its project partners, Luxcara, which specialises in major renewable energy projects, and German electricity provider RWE, were not intimidated by the difficulties caused by the pandemic, both in terms of manpower and in the uninterrupted supply of semiconductors and other important components, with the timetable being adhered to.

The photovoltaic park is so large that it actually consists of 14 smaller parks. During 2021, nearly 100,000 pylons and 420,000 solar panels were installed.

To connect the individual sectors of the park to each other and to the substation, from where electricity is channeled to the public network, hundreds of kilometers of cables of each intersection were used, which could be wrapped around the earth several times, as pointed out by the engineers of the project.

VW is the first car manufacturer to support the expansion of renewable energy at industrial level. By 2025, the company will contribute to the expansion of European wind and photovoltaic parks, investing tens of millions of euros


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