Watch how they clean the snow in Japan, Video

In the Toyama region of Japan, where every year the snow-clearing machines open the so-called Snow Canyon, with a snow height that exceeds 15 meters and is in itself a tourist attraction.

This road leads to a local Takayama ski resort and is located at an altitude of just 500 meters. However, this area is one of the most burdened with snowfalls throughout the planet, as due to the configuration of the ground it can receive snow heights exceeding 10 meters in the nearby village and more than 30 meters in the highest mountain of the region at 3,000 meters.

Japan snow

This road remains closed for most of the winter, and only in early March, a huge operation of bulldozers and special machines open this incredible gorge of snow.

Which is in fact a tourist attraction in itself, with thousands of Japanese and foreign tourists rushing to be photographed against the background of this unique natural – and human – phenomenon.

Video from YouTube channel Machinery Present

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