Watch latest Tesla FSD Beta to crashes into object

Many Tesla owners continue to do intensive testing, in the latest FSD Beta version 10.10 2021.44.30.15, to discover the improvements of fully autonomous driving of their cars.

Such a test was recorded on video by a Tesla owner, which he posted on YouTube, highlighting the problems of the system when it is confused by traffic conditions.

Similar videos have been published from time to time, capturing in full dimension the problems that the autonomous system of Tesla (Full Driving System) can create, since the software has not been fully tested.

The YouTuber in question subjected his car to a fairly intense test on the streets of San Jose, showing the weakness of the Tesla system in urban environments.

Video from YouTube channel AI Addict

While the first few minutes of the video show everything flowing harmoniously, despite the fact that Tesla “ate” a red traffic light on a right turn. In the 3.5 minutes of shooting it seems that the system got tangled into a series of white and green poles that separated the bike path.

Before the owner could take control of the steering and press the brakes, the car struck one of the objects, doing a minor damage to the front bumper.

But beyond the hit, the Tesla seems to be confused elsewhere along the way. The highlight was in the 6th minute of the video, where the Tesla was driven on the rails of the tram having been confused with the road.

latest Tesla FSD Beta to crashes into object

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