What’s best in snow: Front-wheel, rear-wheel drive, 4×4?

There are various drivetrains in cars but which of them is better in the snow? The drive on the front axle offers safety, since it is the easiest to control, even from an inexperienced driver.

The power transmission on the rear axle is usually described as the most fun layout, as it makes drifting a breeze, if you know how to operate the car. Finally, all-wheel drive is considered the most efficient transmission – and not unfairly – as it offers maximum traction.

In the advanced system of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, the driver can choose through the settings, on which axis he wants the power to pass. Other systems offer the possibility of an effect on the distribution of power on the rear axle or both, but neither else allows the option of moving 100% front, 100% rear and 50%-50%, all in one package.

best in snow

The Tyre Reviews YouTube channel performed exactly this test. On a snowy winter test track, a Tesla Model 3 Performance equipped with Michelin all-season tires performed three timed laps, one with each type of drivetrains.

Video from YouTube channel Tyre Reviews

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